How to Unzip

Download an archiving program

  • To work with RAR and ZIP archives, you need to download a program that supports these formats. There are many programs you can use for this purpose, such as WinRAR, 7-Zip, WinZip, and so on.

Open the program and find the file or folder to compress

  • After you have downloaded the archiving program, open it and find the file or folder you want to compress. You can do this by selecting the «Add» or «New archive» option in the program.

Compress the file or folder

  • To compress the file or folder, select it in the program and choose the «Compress» or «Add to archive» option. You will be prompted to choose the compression format — RAR or ZIP. Select the format you need and click «OK».

Unpack the archive

  • To unpack the archive, find the file or folder with the archive in the archiving program and select it. Then choose the «Extract» or «Unpack» option, enter the path to save the unpacked files, and click «OK».

Choose a program to work with unpacked files

  • After you have unpacked the archive, you may need to choose a program to work with the unpacked files. For example, if you unpacked a video file, you may need a video player to view it. Select the appropriate program and open the file.