Gary Grigsbys War in the East 2 - SKIDROW + Update v1.00.07
  • 1.00.07
Gary Grigsbys War in the East 2 — is a global military turn-based strategy game in which you have to travel to the vastness of the Eastern Front during the Second World War. The events of the game take place in the period from 1942 to 1945, that is, during the Second World War. Well, you personally will have to go to the Eastern Front and conduct military operations along the entire line. Moreover, you will not play the role of some kind of field commander, but a real commander who will deal with all issues of the war, create divisions, and do much, much more. Get ready, because there is a large-scale military operation ahead of you, in which your every step, every decision you make will affect all events without exception.

The game is updated 7-04-2021, 15:13, to the latest version 1.00.07.