Sword of Shushan Build 5670202 - DARKSiDERS
  • Build 5670202
Sword of Shushan — is an RPG and strategy game developed by Nebula Game Studio for the PC platform. Meet a new tactical game that will dive into the world of turn-based strategy. A third-person fantasy RPG that touches on mythology. Any degree contains different territories. Use the movement of your teammates in order to interest the enemy, let the enemy fall into your trap, or fight directly with the enemy, and then combine 5 components of gold, wood, water, flame and earth on both sides in order to more effectively attack and defend reaching an absolute victory. The team has more than 10 controllable characters. Dozens of abilities are used together, and hundreds of equipment have all sorts of effects. Depending on the construction and the importance of the enemy, you can create a large number of all kinds of tactics in order to provide a powerful teammate in perfect openness and help you win.

The game is updated 7-04-2021, 15:36, to the latest version Build 5670202.