Hobo Tough Life - PLAZA + Update v1.00.022
  • Update v1.00.022
Hobo Tough Life — is almost the only one of its kind truly realistic homeless simulator in which you will survive in the vastness of a realistic virtual world. You think it is easy for homeless people living on the streets of big cities. Don’t even try to guess, just try. In this game you will play for an ordinary peasant, a homeless man who needs to survive in a big city at all costs. Here you have huge areas, and rich neighborhoods, and cruel children who are not averse to mocking the homeless, and in general, everything is as in reality. You will have to survive, rummage through garbage cans and look for food, get firewood and cardboard to burn them in a barrel at night and thus warm up, and do much more.

The game is updated 4-05-2021, 04:23, to the latest version Update v1.00.022.