Vox Machinae v2022.05.14 - SKIDROW
  • 2022.05.14
Vox Machinae — is a simulator that allows players to control a giant mech. The gameplay revolves around online multiplayer and supports virtual reality technology. The game was created and published by the independent studio Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation. This is the developer’s second project the first was Signal Ops, a spy arcade game released in 2013. The Earths resources were almost completely depleted. Many people live in extreme poverty they try to migrate for work, but many end up in border camps, living on what the government provides. As a result of the current situation, influential international corporations are beginning to explore space. The player assumes the role of one of their employees — a certified pilot of a giant mech called a meat grinder. The armor allows him to effectively overcome long distances in the difficult conditions of distant planets, as well as fight with representatives of other companies. This is definitely not a safe job.