Dying Light Platinum Edition v1.42.0 - PLAZA
  • 1.42.0 + DLC
Dying Light — is a solid and very peppy first-person zombie shredder, which is comfortable to play both in single player mode and in a local cooperative. The game found a place for the open world, the idea of survival, and parkour, as well as a very interesting plot. The latter will drag you into this world for several tens of hours or even more, provided that you undertake the implementation of secondary tasks. The actions and events of the game Dying Light will unfold in the expanses of the once densely populated city of Harran. Peace reigned here until the unknown virus made itself felt. The outbreak literally infected people in an instant, turning them into bloodthirsty zombies.

The game is updated 6-07-2021, 09:15, to the latest version 1.42.0 + DLC.

Dying Light Hellraid - CODEX + Update v1.41.0
  • 1.41.0
Dying Light Hellraid — is much more than just a new location. We wanted to really shake things up by concentrating the dark fantasy atmosphere in the setting, so we ditched zombies in favor of completely new enemies. The weapons you’re used to in Harran remain, but don’t worry, you’ll get new ones in the torchlit corridors and rooms of the Tower of Baal. The DLC has its own progression system, and as you level up in Hellraid, you gain access to new swords, axes, and hammers. The good news is that you can also own this brand new weapon outside of the hell realm if you pay for it with coins earned from wandering through the dungeons. You can of course play co-op with up to 4 players.

The game is updated 8-06-2021, 05:26, to the latest version 1.41.0.