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HEVN - CODEX + Update v2.5.0.7

HEVN - CODEX + Update v2.5.0.7
HEVN is a science fiction story in a setting for the near future. The protagonist, without second thoughts, sets off on an isolated asteroid a few light years from the earth. Arriving at the place, he discovers that his employers have a lot to say and trap in the dark. The year 2128 has come. The earth is weary of the damage done by humanity. There was global warming, overpopulation caused a lack of resources, the constant development of technology led to the creation of machines that finally destroyed the environment.

All these events became the starting point for the search for new planets for their settlement. Sebastian Mar, the protagonist of history also decides to leave his life and serve a good cause by joining the space program. It is determined at a mining station located on an asteroid that rotates in the orbit of a distant star. The good intentions of the employer company Nomoni, are not as bright as he expected. Starting to delve into what is happening and examine in detail his new work, he stumbles upon classified information that turns his mind about the objectives of the operation. Now figure it out and stay alive.

  • Time Well: Plan your combat strategy by stopping time and incrementally moving it forward on each attack or maneuver.
  • Investigation Implant: Activate your implant to see which objects might be useful to you on your adventure. Orient yourself while finding the all important Data Packet Terminals with the mini-map outline.
  • Anti-Gravity: Use anti-gravity zones from Processed Soviten to solve puzzles and more.
  • Collect: Collect Soviten Gems and Dossiers to increase your Resolve.
  • Lifeforms: Battle dangerous life forms on your journey. Be careful of the flying ones, they’re especially brutal.
  • Combat: Take down relentless droid robots that have been hacked to stop you.
  • Companion: Take your droid buddy along. He might just save your life.
  • Narrative: Coordinate with your crewmate Edna. She’s your guide to getting off this rock.
  • Player Modules: Use modules to reveal deeper statistics about the player’s health, combat skills, and information about the nearby area.
  • Tension: Race against time before the hacker Daedalus discovers Edna’s location and compromises the entire mission.
  • Survive: Use your wits to last in a rich environment full of lore and depth. Uncover a deep and involved mystery.

System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 64-bits
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 450 or higher with 1GB Memory
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

OS: Windows 10, 64-bits
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 960MNVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 / ATI Radeon HD 7850
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

How to Install the Game
  1. Download the Full game HEVN.v1.1.0.6-CODEX through torrent.
  2. Mount the Full ISO-image game in the «UltraISO».
  3. Install the game on you PC, wait for 100% installation.
  4. Download and install Update v2.0.1.5 / v2.0.5.0 / v2.5.0.7, in game folder.
  5. Copy the contents of the folder «CODEX» to the folder with the game.
  6. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  7. Play!

Download update only: HEVN.Update.v2.5.0.7-CODEX [2.0 GB]
Download update only: HEVN.Update.v2.0.5.0-CODEX [624.5 MB]
Download update only: HEVN.Update.v2.0.1.5-CODEX [488.3 MB]

Gameplay Trailer

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SkidCodexCo Offline 24 March 2020 06:09
Update v2.5.0.7:
Fixed various color banding related issues
Fixed hidden error when exiting to main menu
Fixed volumetric lighting intensities and white blob effect at times
Fixed player not automatically stepping over certain obstacles properly
Fixed various localization issues in the Options menu
Fixed character headbob glitching when player stops moving
More polish on the various damage particles in the game