Five Dates v2021.04.04 - DARKSiDERS
  • 2021.04.04
Five Dates — an interactive movie with elements of a dating simulator from the creators of The Complex. The protagonist is trying to meet five girls during coronavirus isolation. Good Gate Media and Wales Interactive announced that Five Dates interactive movie will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch 17 now available to all users. This is a romantic comedy from the authors of The Complex, plus the features of Telling Lies clearly show through in it. The protagonist of Five Dates is Londoner Vinnie. Amid coronavirus isolation, he installs a dating app on his smartphone and sets up a digital date with five different women. 7 hours of video footage was filmed for Five Dates. Depending on the answers, you will receive one of ten endings.

The game is updated 4-04-2021, 06:48, to the latest version 2021.04.04.

Coromon v0.5.4
  • 0.5.4
Coromon — the gameplay, so it as a whole can be conditionally divided into two directions. The first direction is the study of the world, the implementation of numerous tasks, taming monsters, and much more. The second direction is turn-based battles with numerous enemies in which each of your moves and each of your actions will determine the course of events. The cool thing is that here you will find a huge number of monsters and different creatures, and each of them you can tame and take on an adventure with you. Moreover, each creature is unique in its own way, and each can be pumped by you, strengthened, and not only.

The game is updated 4-04-2021, 06:36, to the latest version 0.5.4.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem - CODEX + Update v1.1.0.10
  • + Bloodtrail
Wolcen Lords of Mayhem is the newest ARPG in fantasy scenery. In a fantasy world filled with mutants, zombies and monsters, the player will have to give them a fight, and at the same time pump their own skills and abilities. The role system does not bind the hero to a specific class, but allows you to combine development branches in any way, adapting to the style of the gamer. You can play both alone and in a co-op: up to 4 fighters can jointly clear the dungeons using a local network or the Internet.

The game is updated 4-04-2021, 06:53, to the latest version + Bloodtrail.