Ys IX Monstrum Nox v1.0 - FLT
  • FLT
  • 1.0
Ys IX Monstrum Nox — builds on the previous installment in the series, but there are also many new features in the game. We get a role-playing game in which the fun is mainly about exploring the world, completing tasks, developing characters and, above all, fighting hordes of enemies. The combat system is dynamic and requires high dexterity, offering a wide range of attacks, maneuvers, and special skills. Adola is accompanied by a rich character gallery. At any time, we can directly control only one member of the team, but the game allows us to freely switch between characters. What’s new is that among the party members there are people belonging to the aforementioned group of Monsters.
Speed Brawl v1.5.9fb1753 - Razor1911
  • Razor1911
  • 1.5.9fb1753
Game Speed Brawl for PC will surely appeal to all lovers of slashers, where you can freely drive through the levels and fight with numerous opponents. This is a 2D fighting game adventure where you can make various combinations, fight against numerous enemies and apply secret tricks to gain up in the battle. Your hero is stronger than any opponent, but only if you know how to use his strengths. The action takes place in the game Speed Brawl in Victorian London, at the end of the XIX century. Ten years ago, alien aggressors from the moon attacked the Earth, but thanks to the skillful actions of the army and in particular the brave officer Hugo Wells, whose detachment destroyed the swarm queen, earthlings managed to defeat the Selenites. But the war was long and fierce, although after the victory mankind gained the opportunity to rule the Selenites, since Wells completely subordinated them to his control.

The game is updated 6-07-2021, 09:50, to the latest version 1.5.9fb1753.

Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master v1.0.6.1
Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master — is an RPG with elements of strategy, the events of which unfold in a unique underground kingdom. Here you will become a member of the eternal confrontation of heroes and monsters, where the victory will go to the strongest. Choose any of the warring parties and embark on an exciting journey through the vast underground spaces. Explore surrounding locations, solve numerous puzzles, make tactically correct decisions. You get complete freedom of choice, because no restrictions are imposed on your hero.

The game is updated 6-07-2021, 09:31, to the latest version

Dying Light Platinum Edition v1.42.0 - PLAZA
  • 1.42.0 + DLC
Dying Light — is a solid and very peppy first-person zombie shredder, which is comfortable to play both in single player mode and in a local cooperative. The game found a place for the open world, the idea of survival, and parkour, as well as a very interesting plot. The latter will drag you into this world for several tens of hours or even more, provided that you undertake the implementation of secondary tasks. The actions and events of the game Dying Light will unfold in the expanses of the once densely populated city of Harran. Peace reigned here until the unknown virus made itself felt. The outbreak literally infected people in an instant, turning them into bloodthirsty zombies.

The game is updated 6-07-2021, 09:15, to the latest version 1.42.0 + DLC.