Sea Salt v1.1.1
  • 1.1.1

Sea Salt is a game project that successfully combines two popular genres: action and strategy. Here you have to go to a huge pixel world to fight with your crazy rivals. The storyline tells you about the existence of an ancient deity named Dragon, which is able to destroy everything that meets in his way. You will take on the role of a brave hero who intends, whatever it may be, to save the inhabitants of his settlement from attack from a terrible creature.

The game is updated 16-10-2022, 12:27, to the latest version 1.1.1.

Tainted Grail Conquest v1.61 (59431) - GOG
  • GOG
  • 1.61 (59431)

Tainted Grail Conquest — is an action-adventure RPG with a mixture of tactics, exploration, and an open world. You will have a long and dangerous journey, a huge world, dozens of NPC. The game takes place in a huge fantasy world called Avalon, in which the forces of Evil and Darkness began to create real Chaos. King Arthur has long sunk into oblivion, the knights of the round table are in confusion, and only a group of brave heroes dared to challenge Evil and try to change everything. True, the heroes did not manage to do this, they died, and now your turn has come. gather a squad of your own unique heroes. hit the road, fight the forces that few can resist.

The game is updated 16-10-2022, 13:40, to the latest version 1.61 (59431).

ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan v1.0.10.98
  • Goldberg

ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan — is the beloved roguelike classic in an original combination with a card game. The user can go on an exciting journey around the world, playing as one of 3 characters of a certain class. The key goal of the game is to visit 3 available regions, in each of which it is necessary to defeat the enemies and the final formidable boss, which intrigues with its unpredictable tactics and enhanced attacks. The key positions of the game are traversed on the principle of unlocking nodes that arise randomly. So, the character never knows for certain what dangers lie ahead, so it is useless to think over any tactics of the game.

The game is updated 16-10-2022, 17:55, to the latest version

Frostpunk Game of the Year Edition v1.6.2 (Pre-Installed)
  • 1.6.2 Build 9689925

Frostpunk Game of the Year Edition — is an adult game in every way. It raises serious issues of social relationships between people surviving in harsh conditions. In our case, these are the conditions for total icing of the planet. The game was developed by the efforts of the studio 11 bit studios. The name of this game development team should be well known to those players who went through the game This War Of Mine, along with authorship of these developers. This time igrodely touched on a topic far from war, and focused their forces on modeling a natural disaster.

The game is updated 29-12-2023, 04:25, to the latest version 1.6.2 Build 9689925.