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Itorah - FLT + Update v1.1.0.0

Itorah - FLT + Update v1.1.0.0
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Itorah - FLT + Update v1.1.0.0 Free Download Torrent

Itorah is a colorful adventure platformer made in cartoon 2D graphics. Players will have to get used to the role of a girl named Itora, who was left all alone in a dangerous place inhabited by unknown masked creatures. She needs to go through a series of difficult levels, solve puzzles, fight and survive and all in order to come to the cherished goal. The plot will captivate you to the very end, thanks to the bright events and the charismatic main character. In addition, there will be many unexpected twists and turns as the story progresses.

The gameplay combines classic time-tested gameplay mechanics and completely new, modern features. First of all, the first thing that catches your eye is the graphics worked out to the smallest detail with smooth animation and smooth contours. There is no pixel style, everything is colorful and modern. The protagonist can jump, solve puzzles with his mind and abilities. Swim and fight opponents. Each level gives new impressions when passing through a variety of designs and decorations, as well as enemies. The controls are adapted for keyboards and mice, as well as almost any gamepads. The interface is clean and friendly.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Quad Core 2.5GHz+
Memory: 1 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2000 MB available space

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Quad Core 3.0GHz+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2000 MB available space

How to Install the Game
  1. Download the Full game Itorah-FLT through torrent.
  2. Mount the Full ISO-image game in the «UltraISO».
  3. Install the game on you PC, wait for 100% installation.
  4. Copy all files of the folder «FLT» in game folder.
  5. Download and install Update v1.1.0.0, in game folder.
  6. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  7. Play!

Download update only: ITORAH.Update.v1.1.0.0-ANOMALY | MIRROR [ 251 MB ]

Download Itorah - FLT + Update v1.1.0.0

SIZE: 2.89 GB

Gameplay Trailer

The game is updated 7-06-2022, 10:18, to the latest version

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