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A Nasty Farm v2021.03.04 - DARKSiDERS

A Nasty Farm v2021.03.04 - DARKSiDERS
  • 2021.03.04
A Nasty Farm — is an arcade 3D game that shows a vague situation with chickens imprisoned by Dr. Mazi, a crazy self-proclaimed scientist who aimed at small defenseless chickens bought on the farm, the number of chickens was huge, so he decided to do deal with them. But naughty tiptoes go to the pits. Playing the role of our superhero, you must prepare to rescue the poor chickens locked in cages. The player’s task is to remove the falling boxes from the car as soon as possible, to deliver the box to the press located on the right side of the platform, thus freeing the chickens. The task seems obvious, but it is not.

Boxes falling out of the car use engine physics, and any nervous uncoordinated pulling of boxes entails consequences, boxes can lock the car, push away the character, the player should avoid such situations. An additional obstacle is the boxes with explosives, which take away the player’s energy. Although we did not leave the player without the ability to defend themselves, we added additional chests, which briefly add special abilities. To open special chests, you need to score the appropriate number of points.

During the game, the player must balance the game to earn points and open additional boxes, but do not forget to save the chickens. At the end of the time the player must quickly go outside to the shelter and catch the chickens, in a panic flee to the basket to unlock the next round, he must catch the right number of them and not let them fall to the ground. The game is over when you destroy the evil professor’s car. In the game, we left a small detail related to the gameplay that the player must discover to become better.

System Requirements

OS: Windows® 7 64bit
Processor: Intel Celeron G4900 3,1GHz / amd phenom II x4
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX 460 1GB / Radeon HD 6870
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: integrated

OS: Windows® 7 64bit, Windows® 10 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K / AMD ryzen 5 1600
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX 970 4 GB / AMD Radeon R9 290
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: integrated

How to Install the Game
  1. Download the Full game A.Nasty.Farm-DARKSiDERS through torrent.
  2. Mount the Full ISO-image game in the «UltraISO».
  3. Install the game on you PC, wait for 100% installation.
  4. Copy all files of the folder «DARKSiDERS» in game folder.
  5. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  6. Play!

Gameplay Trailer

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