Left 4 Dead 2 The Last Stand v2.2.1.2 + Multiplayer
  • Chronos
  • The Last Stand v2.2.1.2
Left 4 Dead 2 — invites you alone or in the company of friends to break through a terrifying zombie invasion. The atmospheric first-person shooter, which has earned a lot of positive reviews, has received its sequel. Next generation co-op game! Get real pleasure from addictive gameplay. Various locations, but always dangerous and unpredictable. Great visuals, sound effects and mood.

The game is updated 29-03-2021, 05:39, to the latest version The Last Stand v2.2.1.2.

Half-Life Alyx v1.2 - VREX
  • VREX
  • 1.2 (4831658)
Half-Life Alyx is a new game in the series that once became one of the favorite in the whole world, a first-person shooter, but not continuing the event, but a prequel to the second episode. And the first thing to say is that this is no longer an ordinary first-person shooter, but a game for virtual reality glasses. Hence the huge number of pluses. Firstly, now you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and the universe in which the action takes place. And secondly, now you will see the world with your own eyes, not the same as it was in previous games.

The game is updated 15-06-2020, 04:43, to the latest version 1.2 (4831658).