Krut The Mythic Wings v0.1.0.3
  • Goldberg

Krut The Mythic Wings — is based on the 2018 Thai animated feature film Krut: Warriors of Himmafan, a Southeast Asian mythology about the adventures of the warrior Garuda on the enchanted island of Himmafan. In a world full of mystical creatures and magic, the ruthless Ogre army has invaded the lands of the Garuda race. The Garuda army was defeated and the capital eventually fell. After destruction and despair, a seriously wounded warrior ended up on a mysterious enchanted island called Himmaphan. He met a mysterious figure who entrusted him with a powerful artifact, the Mythic Wings. Legend has it that the legendary hero used the wings during the Great War hundreds of years ago and brought peace to the land. Now a new adventure has begun.

The game is updated 10-01-2023, 15:17, to the latest version