CONSORTIUM Remastered Build 14445195 (SKIDROW RELEASE)
  • Build 14445195

CONSORTIUM Remastered is an enthralling and genre-blending adventure that catapults players into a captivating narrative-driven experience, expertly crafted by the innovative developers at Interdimensional Games Inc. Set to be published by the same studio in 2023, this remastered edition of the classic game promises a thrilling fusion of adventure, RPG, and simulation elements that will redefine your perception of interactive storytelling. In CONSORTIUM Remastered, you’ll find yourself at the heart of a complex and immersive science fiction world. As the player, you assume the role of a Consortium Bishop, a peacekeeper tasked with maintaining order.

The game is updated 22-05-2024, 06:24, to the latest version Build 14445195.