AI War 2 v5.504 (57860) - GOG
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  • 5.504 (57860) + Zenith Onslaught

Al War 2 — is an interesting space strategy game where you will take part in large-scale interstellar battles. Feel yourself in the role of a galactic ranger and set off to conquer the endless expanses of the universe, collecting a unique battle team. You get at your disposal a small army, which will consist not only of people, but also of military equipment. Tens of thousands of robots controlled by artificial intelligence will provide invaluable assistance during battles. Explore numerous maps and engage in battle with the enemy for the sake of victory and glory.

The game is updated 12-08-2022, 04:37, to the latest version 5.504 (57860) + Zenith Onslaught.

Boppio v1.0.0 Build 7926572 - PLAZA
  • 1.0.0 Build 7926572
Boppio — is a mixture of survival simulator and sandbox, a game in which you have to collect resources. establish production, and engage in the construction of a spacecraft. You found yourself on an unfamiliar planet according to the plot and now you have to leave it at all costs and return back home. But for this you will have to build a spaceship right in the orbit of the planet, for which you will need different types of materials, production of parts, and much, much more. And so, you just do the extraction of all this and will be engaged.

The game is updated 22-12-2021, 14:39, to the latest version 1.0.0 Build 7926572.