Drug Dealer Simulator v1.1.0.25 - CODEX + Uptown Kings

Drug Dealer Simulator v1.1.0.25 - CODEX + Uptown Kings
  • + Uptown Kings

Drug Dealer Simulator v1.1.0.25 - CODEX + Uptown Kings Free Download Torrent

Drug Dealer Simulator is a drug dealer simulator, a mixture of action and strategy, in which you have to play the role of a novice businessman who deals with everything that essentially rewrites the law. You never wanted to try yourself in something illegal. Well, now you have a full chance of it. Now you can try yourself in a big and dangerous business in drugs. You can try to do drugs, you can hire hucksters and gangsters who will protect you, you can go in for a full-fledged business that will provide your hero with everything you need, and earn as much money as you want. But remember, the path of a drug dealer, dealer, is not so simple, and moreover, it is mortally dangerous.

The gameplay as a whole in this game is not so complicated, but it offers many interesting mechanics. So, in this game you will not just complete tasks, as in most action games devoted to this topic, but will fully manage the drug business. You will have to hire distributors, make deals with bandits, run away from the police in the end, solve the difficult tasks of money laundering, and do much, much more.

Of course, first of all, in Drug Dealer Simulator you will need to deal with the development of the drug business. Firstly, it will be necessary to decide what kind of drug your hero will trade, you can even come up with something new yourself and start distributing a completely new product, and you can start buying an already popular drug from existing dealers. Then you have to capture the territory, which is quite difficult. Well, then you will find the most interesting shootings, chases, bandits, drug lords, and much more. In general, you definitely won’t be bored.

NOTES. Due to the amount of changes to the game files and new content we decided to make a new standalone.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or later
Processor: i5-2500 3.30 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 780 GTX or AMD Radeon Radeon R7 260X series card or higher
Storage: 15 GB available space

How to Install the Game

  1. Download the Full game Drug.Dealer.Simulator.Uptown.Kings-CODEX through torrent.
  2. Mount the Full ISO-image game in the «UltraISO».
  3. Install the game on you PC, wait for 100% installation.
  4. Copy all files of the folder «CODEX» in game folder.
  5. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  6. Play!

Download update only: Drug.Dealer.Simulator.Harty.Pard.Update.v1.0.7.19-CODEX [ 266.0 MB ]
Download update only: Drug.Dealer.Simulator.Update.v1.0.5.3-CODEX [ 211.1 MB]
Download update only: Drug.Dealer.Simulator.Update.v1.0.5.2-CODEX [ 247.0 MB]
Download update only: Drug.Dealer.Simulator.Update.v1.0.4.11-CODEX [ 215.9 MB ]
Download update only: Drug.Dealer.Simulator.Update.v1.0.4.10-CODEX [ 218.5 MB ]

Download Drug Dealer Simulator v1.1.0.25 - CODEX + Uptown Kings

SIZE: 8.5 GB

Gameplay Trailer

The game is updated 28-07-2023, 11:58, to the latest version + Uptown Kings.

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Comments 21

SkidCodexCo 18 April 2020 14:54
Update v1.0.4.10:
- Fixed the issue with collecting the money from a gang after saving the game in the moment, when the gang member was already waiting with the cash.
- Fixed the crystallizer and pill maker in the shop. They’re now normally available in store with prices.
Fixed the issue with closed furniture store door for a period of time after loading the game.
Fixed a bug where a dealer would loop indefinitely with a client OD message causing massive reputation drops
Removed the exploit with possibility to use sewers while carrying a backpack in hands.
Removed the exploit with the possibility to pass through checkpoints without consequences by dropping the backpack with drop slot
Improvements to the perception of the Police on all game difficulties (mostly on “PLATA O PLOMO†difficulty)
Removed a glitch where there was no collision for the furniture shop windows
- Police improvements and fixes:
- Fixes to the police spawning system.
- Fixed a bug where in some circumstances the police could have stopped appearing on the map
- Added a despawner for glitched, bugged or blocked police officers. All blocked or bugged policemen should now shortly get despawned and replaced by a newly spawned patrol
- Tweaked setting on the mechanics of throwing the backpacks. Jump boost on the throw is now lower, the bigger backpacks are now heavier. This makes throwing big backpacks through the wall harder
- Removed few possible exploits to move through the wall
- Corrections to some map locations where the police or clients might get blocked
- Many minor technical and map tweaks and improvements
Nico 20 April 2020 06:15
The crack is working
brexit 20 April 2020 20:13
it requires me steam access, what i gotta do?
svcacala 21 April 2020 13:33
Can you update latest patch?
Haytervsky 21 April 2020 14:58
The crack isnt working, i cannot open the steam link 
Mark 21 April 2020 15:29
Please upload the newest patch!
coco 22 April 2020 03:56
New patch plz
Bonfa 22 April 2020 05:48
Quote: Haytervsky
The crack isnt working, i cannot open the steam link 
doesn't work
EvVo 22 April 2020 07:30
New patch out on 21st please <3
dandar 22 April 2020 08:05
pls update to the latest patch
sebastian 24 April 2020 08:53
hello guys can u please add new patch 
Juice 25 April 2020 18:21
The crack is working, but please update the new patchwork v1.0.4.11, thx :)
SkidCodexCo 28 April 2020 16:59
Update v1.0.4.11:
Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug where the laBallena gang reputation raise was glitched and prevented from progressing
Fixed a bug where Gustavo could rarely disappear making the player unable to check out the money retrieval task. Pending tasks in the cases of no Gustavo on the map should now automatically get checked at load
Fixed a bug where in some circumstances backpack content could disappear when put into a container
Added a respawn script for all furniture types at load. This is a potential fix for the issue where some players experience disappearing furniture. We were unable to recreate this issue on our side to 100% test this fix out.
Added a fixing script for door glitched in the middle of the map in the street with a gang delivery marker set on them. The script should remove the door and reconstruct a new drop destination after load. We were unable to recreate this bug on our side so far to test this solution out 100%.
Fixed a bug where the small electric mixer had different capacity than stated in the shop
Fixed a glitch where the coffee grinder had it’s contents glitching outside the model
Fixed a bug where the police voice and some other environment sounds where muffled
Fixed a bug where you were able to throw your backpack after being tased by the police
Fixed a bug and potential exploit where the shop cancel and clear not always worked leaving some items in the inventory
Fixed a bug where some of the graphics settings were reset after restarting the game
Fixed a bug where the POLICE SEARCH sign could re-appear after being stopped or loading a game during a search
Fixed A.I. navigation issues on the map, including the police checkpoints
Fixed a problem with money laundering quantity input widget
Fixed collision for the desks and tables where accidentally dropping an item under them made it impossible to pick up
Minor UI, inventory, police A.I. tweaks and changes
ficox 29 April 2020 09:36

Hi, I can't install update in game folder. I have this problem: DrugDealerSimulator \ Content \ Paks \ DrugDealerSimulator-WindowsNoEditor.pak Hash sum mismatch!
DrDeath 30 April 2020 16:32
Quote: ficox

Hi, I can't install update in game folder. I have this problem: DrugDealerSimulator \ Content \ Paks \ DrugDealerSimulator-WindowsNoEditor.pak Hash sum mismatch!
you must first install version
Ricky 2 May 2020 18:46
DrugDealerSimulator\Content\Paks\DrugDealerSimulator-WindowsNoEditor.pak Hash sum mismatch! Required MD5: -2065201000

This happens when i try to install the v1.0.4.11.

There is no "setup.exe" file in v1.0.4.10 how i can solve this error? Im trying to many hours to solve this problem. Someone can help me? 

Thank you
Juli 3 May 2020 19:45
Heyyy thank you so much for your work!! i'm really enjoying this game and it's all because of you! thakyou thankyou. Also the devs post a hotfix for the update, cause the game it's unplayable. so, can you please do that hotfix please? it is sooooo unplayable and i don't know if they will do a patch soon. Again, thank you!
oujee 8 May 2020 18:15
hey, thanks a lot for your work, will you please do the hotfix for, it was released on 30 Apr
Martin Haldin
Martin Haldin 27 February 2021 05:54
Can we get the new Pimp My House Patch ? :)
SkidCodexCo 15 March 2021 05:13

- New gang and gang questline
- New drugs unlocked via questline (psychedelic drugs)
- New gang character buying out wholesale amounts of onw-grown marijuana from the player
- New downtown shop with new furniture and decorations
- New reworked drug use and drug take effects system
- Added drug binaural audio effects and audio halucinations
- New UI option to customise active elements color
- Returned 500g and 1kg packages to the game


- New reworked backpack influence system (weight and sizing affects movement dynamics, stamina usage and more in a more realistic and advanced way
- Reworked walking/running and head bobbing animations for better feel
- Changed phone flashlight usage (the phone light stays up until repeted Tab tap)
- Changed drug package sizing – now the small packages use more space and get more size-efficient with larger packages
- Various tweaks and improvements to many gameplay aspects


- Reworked world textures, texture compression and mip mapping for better quality and performance
- Removed multiple performance bottlenecks for significant performance improvement
- Reworked sub-level and model loading and drawing for less potentian frame hickups and freezes
- Multiple backend changes for increased performance and decreased CPU usage
- Lowered CPU and GPU heating and usage


- Multiple minor and major gameplay bug fixes
- Multiple inventory bug and exploits removal
- Fixed bugs with Keiji and Ballena gangs
- Fixed multiple map issues related to client and dealer spawning and interaction
- Fixed multiple map glitches, model loading problems, draw distance issues, texture loading and quality problems, minor and major NPC navigations problems
SkidCodexCo 9 April 2021 09:12
Update v1.0.7.19:
Changed mouse input sensitivity range and settings. (Your saved sensitivity will be reset to default and will need you to set it to your preference using the new range
Changed max capacity for all workstation containers, mixers, fluid mixers and dryers to more realistic. This also enabled the player to pack larger amounts at once
Additional hideout products added for the downtown shop (Standing and hanging plants, standing and hanging lamps)
Bug Fixes:
Fixed weed seed, pitcoin and other item pocket free buyout exploit
Fixed a bug, where the virus upload progress was being added even when the action key was released
Fixed a but where assigned quick slot items disappeared after reloading the game
Fixed a bug where at some specific situations the player could end up being stuck in work station UI
Fixed a bug, where you could put paintings in front of light switches and block them from interaction
Fixed a bug where sometimes LSD effects would disappear after reloading a save
Fixed a bug where picking up a water bottle in the furniture mode would add it as a blank white square to the apartment inventory
Fixed a bug where interior doors were being locked during a raid, making the player unable to reach some parts of the hideout
Fixed a bug where in specific situations the furniture shop task could not be completed (fix is not retroactive)
Made additional optimization work with multiple level textures, to improve performance and decrease memory usage