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VirtuaVerse v1.29c - GOG

VirtuaVerse v1.29c - GOG
  • GOG
  • 1.29c
VirtuaVerse is a cyberpunk adventure created by Theta Division’s debut studio. The project was developed over several years and released by the Finnish company Blood Music. In the near future, some artificial intelligence has managed to take control of other systems and traditional governments. The result of this event was the migration of society into a world controlled by a global neural network, which constantly optimizes the experience of people.

The protagonist of the game is Nathan, one of the few who rebelled against the new order. Thanks to the augmented set of augmented reality, Nathan can turn off the digital world and see it as it really is. He makes money smuggling unauthorized hardware and software, and shares an apartment with his girlfriend Jay, who specializes in creating graffiti using drones. However, one morning, his beloved disappears, leaving behind a damaged set of augmented reality and a mysterious message on the mirror. To find out the truth about Jay’s fate, Nathan will discover her connections with a group of hackers, and during his journey, he will visit places such as hardware cemeteries or the AR tech guild.

VirtuaVerse uses the classic point-and-click adventure scheme. During the game, we observe the action from the outside and the passage of locations covering mainly areas of the futuristic city, as well as the tropical jungle and snow peaks. In these places we communicate with non-player characters, look for useful items and solve puzzles. Through this interaction, we also recognize the plot and gradually learn the story of Jay’s disappearance. Graphic design VirtuaVerse is supported in the style of pixel art, based on the works of the 1990s. The game is accompanied by synthesizer music that emphasizes the atmosphere of cyberpunk.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2 Ghz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 3000
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 2 GB available space

How to Install the Game
  1. Download the game files through torrent.
  2. Run the installation file «[gamename].setup.exe», follow the instructions.
  3. Choose a place on the disk, where the game will be installed.
  4. Wait for the notification that the game is installed.
  5. Сlick on the label of the game, Play!

Gameplay Trailer

The game is updated 23-10-2020, 16:31, to the latest version 1.29c.

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SkidCodexCo Online 10 July 2020 04:28
VirtuaVerse v.1.24 - Changelog
  • [Feature] Added "Prevent accidental subtitles skip" in preferences / Video. When enabled, subtitles cannot be skipped before 0.35 secs / each
  • [Feature] Added "Capture Mouse" functionality in preferences / Video. When enabled the mouse is forced to stay in the window (and in the letterbox / pillarbox area). Changing the resolution automatically disables the checkbox to avoid bizarre Unity bugs.
  • [Feature] Added "Manual Skip Subtitles" functionality in preferences Video. When enabled, the subtitles must be skipped manually. Talking animation will loop accordingly to the subtitle display time.
  • [Engine] Fixed blank spaces in Chinese
  • [Engine] Imported Spanish text. 10463 line(s) imported, 4 line(s) updated.
  • [Engine] Imported Japanese text. 10460 line(s) imported, 626 line(s) updated.
  • [Engine] Imported Chinese text. 10464 line(s) imported, 196 line(s) updated.
  • [Engine] Imported Russian text. 10464 line(s) imported, 47 line(s) updated.
  • [Engine] Removed unused unhandled interaction dialogue line
  • [Joypad] Drone Manual: fixed mouse cursor not changing when hovering with joypad
  • [Joypad] Added D-Pad scrollable UI for Xbox Joypad
  • [Joypad] Added pixelated icons
  • [Joypad] Desert / Hut Outside: Polished Joypad collider
  • [Metro / Entrance] Polished NavMesh
  • [Various Scenes] Fixed: "Double fade when when exiting the scene"
  • [Space] Fixed a bug in the Zaymon conversation
  • [Club / Dark Room] Fixed a glitch in the navigation area
  • [Squat] Fixed: "After the tatooed guy has been shot, when Nathan looks at the tatoo artist says that's he's still busy on the guys' leg."
  • [Space] Fixed: "Continuity problem & Bug making the puzzle easier than it should be"
  • [Space] Fixed: "Altenative Journal based on the course of events"
  • [Space / Room2] Fixed: "After dechipping the foreground disappear on the hearth room"
  • [Iceland] Fixed a bug in the riddle number parser in Chinese and Japanese
  • [Crack Intro] Fixed Japanese scroll text
  • [Waterfall] Fixed: "Glitch at the nest puzzle"
  • [Space] Fixed: "After dechipping the foreground disappear on the hearth room"
  • [Space] Fixed: "End credits do not finish and few lines stay stuck at the end"