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The Long Dark v1.94 - PLAZA + Hesitant Prospect

The Long Dark v1.94 - PLAZA + Hesitant Prospect
  • 1.94 + Hesitant Prospect
The Long Dark — a simulator of survival in an endless cold. You are a single player who must explore vast territories, avoid skirmishes with wild animals and constantly look for a place to keep warm. But this was not always the case, which the destroyed power lines and several cans of canned food in your camping backpack involuntarily remind.

The game is constantly evolving, so it provides a full-fledged story mode, divided into 5 episodes, where only 2 are currently available, but they can be completed in no less than 15 hours. Since the release of the project, it has undergone a re-release called Redux, which contains revised graphics, animations and other little things that have a positive effect on the perception of the plot.

It is impossible to imagine a great survival simulator without a free mode. Its sole purpose is to hold out as long as possible, trying not to die from the attack of wild animals or freeze, moving to cover. One of the features was the complete lack of clues; you must open craft recipes yourself in order to continue to fight death. Well, after the death of your character, all saves with him are automatically deleted.

NOTES. This release is standalone.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel 4xxx Series w/ 512MB VRAM or better
Storage: 7 GB available space
Sound Card: Any on-board chip will work.

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel i7 CPU @ 2.6GHz or higher
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GTX 555 w/ 1GB VRAM or better
Storage: 7 GB available space
Sound Card: Ideally, something with Surround capabilities.

How to Install the Game
  1. Download the Full game The.Long.Dark.Hesitant.Prospect-PLAZA through torrent.
  2. Mount the Full ISO-image game in the «UltraISO».
  3. Install the game on you PC, wait for 100% installation.
  4. Copy all files of the folder «PLAZA» in game folder.
  5. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  6. Play!

Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Fearless.Navigator.Update.v1.82-PLAZA [ 182.7 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Fearless.Navigator.Update.v1.79-PLAZA [ 293.1 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Fearless.Navigator.Update.v1.78-PLAZA [ 215.7 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Fearless.Navigator.Update.v1.77-PLAZA [ 261.7 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Wintermute.Episode.3.Update.v1.71-PLAZA [ 854.0 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Wintermute.Episode.3.Update.v1.69-PLAZA [ 355.6 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Wintermute.Episode.3.Update.v1.66-PLAZA [ 401.4 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Wintermute.Episode.3.Update.v1.64-PLAZA [ 1.20 GB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Wintermute.Episode.3.Update.v1.62-PLAZA [ 398.8 MB ]
Download update only: The.Long.Dark.Wintermute.Episode.3.Update.v1.61-PLAZA [ 1.40 GB ]

Gameplay Trailer

The game is updated 19-05-2021, 02:26, to the latest version 1.94 + Hesitant Prospect.

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SkidCodexCo Online 28 October 2019 09:12
Changelist v1.61 [55716]


* Added Lost and Found boxes to all regions.
* Fixed issue that caused animations for crouching, opening drawers, and the swinging of the lantern to play slower than intended.
* Fixed issue that caused animals to clip into the ground when the player sleeps.
* Fixed issue that caused Bears to sometimes spawn under the map.


* Fixed issue that resulted in brightness to be incorrectly calculated.
* Fixed visible seams on the Rural Region Houses.
* Fixed Timber Wolves Morale bar resetting if they fled during the Tutorial.
* Fixed missing collision on the Community Hall Sign.
* Fixed stretched texture in the back of the Burnt Ridge Cave.
* Fixed flickering on some rock edges in Pleasant Valley.
* Fixed disappearing snow texture near the Shed in the Rural Region.
* Re-enabled player placed light sources during a cinematic.

Episode Three

* Subtitle and localization tuning.
* Polish pass through the episode.
* Fixed issue preventing Timber Wolves from transitioning to and from Aurora state.
* Fixed being able to run while carrying a survivor after trying to place them and then opening and closing the inventory.
* Fixed issue that caused a currently carried Survivor to disappear when manually saving and loading in the Community Hall.
* Fixed issue that caused Molly’s photo to change size after it’s picked up.
* Fixed cinematic playing from an incorrect angle when arriving at the plane crash site from a specific direction.
* Staggered animation will no longer play when exiting or entering a location, while triggering dialogue.
* Fixed missing collision on some of the plane seats at the crash site.
* Fix to prevent Astrid’s arm from popping into place after closing the Diagnosis UI.
* Fixed rare issue that caused Weather effects and the skybox to disappear after exiting a cinematic.
SkidCodexCo Online 3 November 2019 08:58
Update v1.62:

* Fixed an issue that caused Wolf pathfinding to become confused after a decoy was dropped in certain scenarios.
* Fixed the distance which Wolves can grab decoys.
* Added further checks to prevent Wolves from attacking players through objects.
* Fixed an issue that prevented players from dropping a decoy from the Radial Menu.
* Fixed animation popping during the Wolf Struggle Animation while holding a Revolver.
* Fixed Bears resetting to their dens after loading a save.
* Fixed an exploit that allowed players to craft arrows even if there was time remaining.
* General polish throughout the world.
* Added a third digit to imperial values to prevent rounding errors.
* Fixed missing shadows from Fridges.
* Fixed missing quantity when crafting.
* Fixed Tool Selection not appearing when crafting arrows.
* Fixed materials being consumed when cancelling crafting.
* Fixed flames disappearing on pre-placed fires after exiting and reloading the game.
Episode Three
* Polish pass through the episode.
* Survivor stats now displayed while passing time.
* Added map icon for Survivors dropped by the player.
* Fixed numerous areas the player could become stuck.
* Fixed being unable to place the third rescued Survivor in some scenarios.
* Gwen can no longer die after completing her mission.
* Fixed issue that caused players to be forced out of aim when attacked by a Timberwolf.
* Adjusted the size of Wade’s campfire.
* Adjusted the distance which Timberwolves will hold ground when the player is holding a lit Marine Flare.
* Fixed Timberwolves howling more than intended.
* Fixed Timberwolf corpses resetting after transitioning indoors.
* Fixed player position changing when exiting Diagnosis.
* Fixed incorrect location being displayed when viewing information on the Load Screen.
SkidCodexCo Online 14 December 2019 09:55
Update v1.66:

[Enviro] Fixed numerous areas in Bleak Inlet where the Player could become stuck.
[Enviro] Polish pass on locations in Bleak Inlet where the Player could get outside of the intended play.
[Enviro] Fixed clipping and floating objects located throughout the Bleak Inlet region.
[Enviro] Removed various instances of invisible collision found in Bleak Inlet.
[Enviro] Survivors will now become wet if standing in, or near a waterfall found in the Bleak Inlet region.
[Envrio] Wolves will no longer appear to flicker when walking along the docks in the Bleak Inlet.
[Enviro] Removed Weak Ice location that was unintentionally placed on land in the Forlorn Muskeg.
[UI] Saves now correctly display Region text for Bleak Inlet.
[UI] Crafting Time now updates to show the selected tool, instead of the most efficient tool.
[WINTERMUTE] Timberwolf carcasses no longer disappear if the Player saves, then reloads.
[WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that could unintentionally cutoff dialogue.
[Challenge] Fixed issue that rewarded the Nomad Badge when completing the Whiteout Challenge.
[Challenge] Nomad Badge now correctly rewarded when completing the Nomad Challenge.
[Challenge] Challenge Mastery achievement now unlocks as soon the Player has earned it.
[Survival] Timberwolves will now hunt prey, as intended.
[Custom Mode] “Revolvers†option updated to “Revolver Availability†for consistency.
[Gameplay] Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the Snow Shelter, when using a controller.
[Gameplay] Sewing Kits no longer lose condition when harvesting Clothing.
[AI] Predators will no longer flee from Survivors who are atop a sloped hill.
[AI] Added additional line of sight check to Timberwolves, to prevent attacks through walls and out of reach locations.
[AI] Timberwolves will now break-off their attack if a Marine Flare is lit, before the struggle occurs.
[AI] Timberwolves can no longer flee to excessive distances.
[Gameplaye] Fixed a crash that could occur on some save files when loading into Bleak Inlet.
SkidCodexCo Online 18 December 2019 15:39
Update v1.69:
[Enviro] All Regions - Fixed numerous areas where the Player could become stuck.
[Enviro] All Regions - Additional pass for locations where the Player could get outside of the intended play area.
[Enviro] All Regions - Fixed various clipping and floating objects.
[Enviro] Fixed unreachable Revolver that would spawn in the Workshop.
[Lighting] Light sources no longer appear overly bright when multiple lights are active.
[UI] Updated missing subtitles for inspection comments, when playing as a male Survivor.
[UI] Added missing Map icons in the Bleak Inlet region.
[UI] Fixed Custom Mode setting for revolver availability when using Interloper as a base.
[UI] The Buff notification will now move out of view when aiming.
[UI] Fixed the colour of help text when hovering your cursor over heated items.
[AI] Timberwolves will no longer freeze in place if they try to attack a target they can’t pathfind to.
[AI] Wildlife will no longer attempt to dodge the Player, when they are far away from the Player.
[AI] Added check to prevent Predators from attacking players through Fishing Hut walls and closed doors.
[Animation] Pass on Timberwolves to fix numerous animation pops and hitches.
[Audio] When joining a pack, Timberwolf howls are no longer cut off or repeated.
[Challenges] Challenge Mastery now awarded as soon as it’s earned.
[Gameplay] Improved collision detection between thrown objects and wildlife.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that would cause Fishing Hut doors to swing further than intended.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused the Flashlight to turn on before the Aurora was fully active.
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused arrows to become non-interactable, if the arrow deflected off an object or animal after being fired, and the Player reloaded or transitioned to a new area.
[Gameplay] Players will no longer get stuck after entering a pre-placed Snow Shelter.
[Gameplay] Pre-placed Snow Shelters no longer disappear upon reloading a save.
[Gameplay] The Gunpowder Can will no longer refill, when loading to a new area.
[Gameplay] Rosehip Tea and Reishi Tea now replenishes the correct amount of thirst, when drank.
[Gameplay] Increased amount of Gunpowder used, when using it as an accelerant, from 0.01 to 0.1.
[Gameplay] Medical Locker in Bleak Inlet’s Radio Tower no longer needs Bolt Cutters.
[Gameplay] Fixed non-interactive Workbench found in the cannery. It is now usable.
Update v1.67:
[Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused the Workshop door in Bleak Inlet to no longer open, if a User loaded a save with the Workshop unlocked, from V1.64
Amanda Menegatti
Amanda Menegatti 18 September 2020 09:56
Is there a way to translate the game to portuguese?