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Robin Hood Sherwood Builders v0.1.3 Alpha

Robin Hood Sherwood Builders v0.1.3 Alpha
  • 0.1.3 Alpha Early Access
Robin Hood Sherwood Builders — is a hybrid RPG and city-building strategy. The game was developed by the independent Polish studio MeanAstronauts. Hero Robin Hood Sherwood Builders is a criminal known from medieval English legends, who took from the rich and distributed to the poor, and also fought against the Sheriff of Nottingham. The protagonist and his friends, such as his beloved Lady Marion, Little John, Brother Tuck, Alan-a-Dale and Will Scarlet, hide in the vast Sherwood forest. Seeking to rid the tyrannical sheriff of his power, first Robin and everyone who chooses to join him will have to build a thriving camp where they will prepare for the impending turmoil.

In Robin Hood Builders of Sherwood, the game takes place on two planes. The first is the role-playing layer. Watching the main character from behind TPP, we travel across a huge open world on foot or on horseback and complete various tasks. During the game, we attack the sheriff’s men and caravans of cooperating merchants, participate in the hunt, ambush convoys, and fight bandits. The battles are dynamic, and in them we use both a bow and a sword. As we progress, we create a kind of contact network; Not only do we meet potential recruits for our camp who can be found both in the villages and in the city of Nottingham, but we also meet local traders and farmers with whom we can trade our surplus goods.

The second layer on which the gameplay takes place is strategic. Having found a suitable place to build a camp, we can enter the management mode. Then the camera changes perspective, showing our settlement from top to bottom. In this mode, we develop the infrastructure of the camp, build new buildings and improve those already built, as well as train new recruits who are entrusted with various functions our subordinates can become hunters, guards, robbers, builders or farmers. An important role is played by the production of various goods, because Robin’s subordinates need not only what to fight with, but also what to dress and what to eat. Robin Hood Sherwood Builders is based on Unreal Engine 4. Its graphics look really good.

System Requirements

OS: windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD Phenom II X4 965
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 Ti / Intel HD 620
Storage: 30 GB available space

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K / AMD FX-8320 or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 WINDFORCE OC 6G 2.0
Storage: 30 GB available space

How to Install the Game
  1. Download the game files through torrent.
  2. Run the installation file «[gamename].setup.exe», follow the instructions.
  3. Choose a place on the disk, where the game will be installed.
  4. Wait for the notification that the game is installed.
  5. Сlick on the RobinHoodGame.exe of the game, Play!

Gameplay Trailer

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