Cornucopia v5.8

Cornucopia v5.8
  • 5.8 Build 14021106

Cornucopia v5.8 Free Download Torrent

Delve into the bountiful world of Cornucopia, an indie RPG simulation game in Early Access developed and published by Subconscious Games, now available for download on PC. Immerse yourself in a rich and immersive experience where your choices shape the destiny of a vibrant and ever-evolving world. In Cornucopia, you are the architect of your own adventure. Explore a vast and enchanting realm filled with diverse landscapes, bustling towns, and mystical creatures. The game’s unique blend of indie RPG and simulation mechanics provides a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that caters to players of all preferences.

NOTE. Uploaded version: 14 April 2024 [v5.8 Build 14021106]. This is Full Release and latest version of game. The game is already Packaged in Installer and ready to run the game after install, read the instruction below.

As you traverse through the Early Access version, be a part of the development process by providing valuable feedback and witnessing the game’s evolution. Subconscious Games is dedicated to crafting an unforgettable world where every decision matters. Create your own story as you interact with the denizens of Cornucopia, forge alliances, embark on quests, and uncover the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. The game’s immersive storytelling and captivating visuals transport you to a world brimming with possibilities.

With a release year of 2023 on the horizon, the anticipation for the full version of «Cornucopia» is palpable. Subconscious Games aims to deliver a completed RPG simulation that will leave players enthralled and immersed in the vibrant world they’ve created. Are you ready to reap the rewards of «Cornucopia»? Download the game on PC in Early Access and embrace the open-ended gameplay that awaits. Explore a world of endless possibilities, create your own path, and embark on a journey filled with adventure and discovery in «Cornucopia.» Prepare to harvest the riches of this captivating indie RPG simulation.

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7+ / 8.1 / 10 64 bit
Processor: Intel i3 Processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI 7770, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
Storage: 10 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i7 Processor
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX960+
Storage: 10 GB available space

How to Install the Game

  1. Download the game files through torrent.
  2. Unzip the game using WinRAR or 7zip. (how to use .rar)
  3. Start game «Cornucopia.exe», Play!
  4. The language changes in the menu.

Gameplay Trailer

The game is updated Yesterday, 04:35, to the latest version 5.8 Build 14021106.

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SkidCodexCo 9 April 2024 06:28
🚀 What's New in 5.6? 🚀
Revamped Farm Terrain:
 Explore the beauty of our redesigned farm, now featuring a serene water pond, a charming bridge on the east side, and a strategically relocated storage shed. We’ve expanded the farm’s footprint, giving you more space to cultivate your dreams. 🌳🌉
Soil Expansion Quest:
 Unearth a Land Expansion Deed at level 3 Hoe Skill and embark on a quest with Rufus to double your soil area. It's time to plant the seeds of your future! 🌾📜 
Reimagined Shortcuts and Layouts:
 Discover a new layout and shortcuts around your farm for a streamlined farming experience. The relocation of the giant log opens up exciting new pathways to adventure. 🗺️🪵
Enhanced NPC Interactions:
 With the new NPC Overhead Display and Cornucopia Dialog GUI, engage with characters in a more intuitive way, complete with names and heart levels. Perfect for planning those special moments with boxed chocolates! 💖🍫
Customizable Controls:
 Tailor your gameplay with customizable keyboard and gamepad controls, ensuring every action feels just right. 🎮⌨️ 
Money Shaking Effect:
 Added a shaking effect to the player gui when you gain money.
🔧 Polishing the Experience 🔧
PlayStation Controller Glyphs:
 Seamless integration for PlayStation enthusiasts, making your farming adventures smoother and more intuitive. 🎮✨
Bug Fixes Galore:
 We’ve squashed those pesky bugs, including the duplicating shed items and NPC Munger’s fetch quest, for an even smoother gameplay experience. 🛠️🐜
🔧 Teaser Previews of Work in Progress 🔧
New Character in Development "Kinoko":
 A Mysterious Tanuki named Kinoko!