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Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3
Homeworld 3 is the continuation of the series, the third in a row space strategy in real time, in which you have to set off on a new journey and fight against new enemies. The events of the game again occur in outer space for many light years from Earth. But now new adventures await you, and already in other, brighter, new worlds. Unfortunately, not too much is known about the plot at the moment, but it is known that the plot opened the hyperspace gates and gave access to new worlds, which you will just go to.

This game has not yet been released!

As for the gameplay, it seems that everything will also be based on real-time battles, pumping, collecting resources, completing various tasks, and exploring space open spaces. At the same time, the developers have already noted the fact that the world of the third part is much larger than it was in the previous game. There will be one new race, and several species of new ships, and much, much more …

As before, there will be several races in free download Homeworld 3 torrent, and each will have its own unique goal, will have its own characteristics and differences. Moreover, each race will have its own unique technologies, and an individual set of ship classes. Well, you also have to be in a common language with representatives of each of them.

Naturally, it does not do without the study of outer space. You will need to travel to new worlds, collect information about the new race, complete tasks that can somehow provide your race with a normal existence, and fight. By the way, the battles in the new game will become more epic — new ships, new opportunities in terms of maneuvers, and not only will be waiting for you. Travel, explore space, develop, and most importantly, survive, no matter what it costs you, and save your mother ship.

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