Linked Mask Build 9479331

Linked Mask Build 9479331
  • Build 9479331

Linked Mask Build 9479331 Free Download Torrent

Linked Mask — game takes the action into an amazing universe that is very different from what gamers are used to. All over the world there are 6 different towers that were erected many years ago. In each of them lives the so-called deity, as well as his minions and worshipers. The six lands are radically different, because they have different rules and laws, as well as culture and mentality. However, something still unites them, namely, a brutal dictatorship. The protagonist is an experienced fighter who decides to challenge the system and finally overthrow the arrogant deities. To do this, he will have to go a long and dangerous path, as well as put his own life at risk more than once. However, a good goal justifies any risks, so there is no turning back.

The gameplay of Linked Mask involves a side-scrolling camera view. The graphics and design of the game are reminiscent of the legendary projects of the 90s that have remained in the memory of many players. The character can move in two directions, jump, dodge and use several types of attacks. The gameplay consists in alternately clearing 6 towers. The fight takes place in stages and gains difficulty with each successive floor. Each stage ends with a boss battle — a deity. They have unique abilities that their mask gives them. If the protagonist manages to take it away, then a special weapon passes to him and some useful skills are unlocked. By defeating everyone, the hero gradually frees his own house from tyranny and restores order.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP and above
Processor: 1.2Ghz
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Graphics: 512MB
Storage: 200 MB available space

How to Install the Game

  1. Download the game files through torrent.
  2. Unzip the game using WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Start game «Linked.Mask.exe», Play!
  4. The language changes in the menu.

Download Linked Mask Build 9479331

SIZE: 393.1 MB

Gameplay Trailer

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