Tank Operations European Campaign Build 13563990 (SKIDROW RELEASE)

Tank Operations European Campaign Build 13563990 (SKIDROW RELEASE)
  • Build 13563990

Tank Operations European Campaign Build 13563990 (SKIDROW RELEASE) Free Download Torrent

Tank Operations European Campaign is another popular turn-based strategy game created during World War II. The German studio Linked Dimensions is responsible for the development of the game. In game Tank Operations European Campaign for PC, the player has the opportunity to lead the great military campaigns of the Western Front of World War II. Among the 12 scenarios available are the Allied landings in Africa, the invasion of southern Italy, and the liberation of Paris. You can only play the role of Allied commanders, because Germany is headed only by AI.

The game is to send troops indicated by unit models on the map. In all campaigns, the player will have at his disposal 50 types of units (for example, tanks, such as Sherman or M3 Lee, as well as aircraft or ships), which can perform more than 10 different actions. One of the tactical possibilities is the destruction of bridges, which complicates the effective defense of the enemy. The supply system also plays an important role — if the player does not care, for example, With a constant supply of oil, his tanks will stop in the middle of the offensive.

NOTE. Uploaded version: 26 February 2024 [Build 13563990]. This is Full Release and latest version of game. The game is already Packaged in ISO File and ready to run the game after install, read the instruction below.

Each mission in Tank Operations in Russian recreates a certain conflict of the Second World War era, each with its own goals, which range from occupation and management of a large city, the destruction of German fuel and ammunition depots, and the systematic removal of coastal bunkers. Each individual unit type has special attributes, such as distance of movement and attack, weapon efficiency, fuel and ammunition stock, which must be taken into account before each move. However, it is often difficult to find the information necessary to conduct an effective attack or counterattack, against which a specific unit acts.

All units must be replenished with fuel and ammunition by truck or by returning to base. Databases can also be used to repair damaged units. This adds an interesting aspect to the strategy, since even the most powerful tank can be disabled by infantrymen and, it would seem, a damaged tank can be repaired through well-designed convoys of the supply detachment.

Tank Operations also includes saboteurs, whose special abilities allow them to fight in battles and sabotage a mechanical unit, destroy bridges or even capture an enemy base. Almost all units have special skills, for example, artillery units can become invisible with camouflage, some planes can increase their accuracy when bombing, and individual tanks can increase the firing range through reconnaissance. These special abilities increase the unit's usefulness and flexibility in battle, but can only be used once every 4-5 turns.

The AI games are well designed and create an unpredictable but well-designed battle and accordingly change their strategy in response to the main events on the battlefield. The enemy will quite often retreat at the very last moment, cunningly occupy inconspicuous cities and carry out counterattacks using extremely effective combinations of units. Tank Operations: European Campaign is definitely fun, and the game is accessible enough and deep enough to appeal to both experienced users and those new to the strategy.

System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium (or similar AMD) 1.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Open GL 2.0 compatible 256 MB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 400 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatable
Additional Notes: Saved files are saved in the User’s documents folder.

How to Install the Game

  1. Download the Full game Gods.Against.Machines-SKIDROW through torrent.
  2. Mount the Full ISO-image game in the «UltraISO».
  3. Install the game on you PC, wait for 100% installation.
  4. Copy all files of the folder «SKIDROW» in game folder.
  5. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  6. Play!

Download Tank Operations European Campaign Build 13563990 (SKIDROW RELEASE)

SIZE: 2.29 GB

Gameplay Trailer

The game is updated 26-02-2024, 17:14, to the latest version Build 13563990.

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