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RimWorld Ideology - PLAZA + Update v1.3.3200

RimWorld Ideology - PLAZA + Update v1.3.3200
  • 1.3.3200

RimWorld Ideology - PLAZA + Update v1.3.3200 Free Download Torrent

RimWorld Ideology — animals will no longer stand in one place or wander around their habitats. Farmers will have to keep an eye on them and send them to pens. As a result, animals will become more productive, their roles will be more specific, and the whole livestock process will look more natural. Enemies will use the new breakthrough system with them on the assault, they will bring tools to destroy the walls and with their help make a passage deep into the base, bypassing the main passage.

Tribal societies will use axes, pirates will use grenades, and mechanoids will use mechanoid termites. Moving the mouse with several colonists selected at the same time will allow them to line up, just like in Total War. People and animals will show beards as well as wounds, bandages and augmentation. The rendering of characters in RimWorld will be different: instead of separate layers, one will be used.

The developers have been working on DLC for the last 15 months. The purpose of the add-on is to expand the ability to play different roles. The key innovation of Ideology is the creation of a belief system or belief system in the colony. Thanks to this, according to the developers, players will be able to act out, for example, cannibals worshiping trees and carving skulls on all furniture, transhumanists, techno ravers, cowboys.

Beliefs can be customized players will be able to choose attributes such as commandments, rituals, social roles, totemic animals and weapons, culture and style, unique buildings, tattoos, clothing, cultural narrative, god. Along with the belief system in RimWorld, the add-on will add tasks in the spirit of roglikes and films about Indiana Jones. In these quests, the characters will explore ancient ruins in search of treasures.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM
Storage: 500 MB available space

How to Install the Game
  1. Download the Full game RimWorld.Ideology-PLAZA through torrent.
  2. Mount the Full ISO-image game in the «UltraISO».
  3. Install the game on you PC, wait for 100% installation.
  4. Download and install Update v1.3.3200 in game folder.
  5. Copy all files of the folder «PLAZA» in game folder.
  6. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  7. Play!

Download update only: RimWorld.Ideology.Update.v1.3.3200-PLAZA [ 270 MB ]

Gameplay Trailer

The game is updated 2-12-2021, 05:06, to the latest version 1.3.3200.

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SkidCodexCo Offline 2 December 2021 05:04
Update v1.3.3200:
Combat - Turrets
Mini-turret damage increased from 11 to 12.
Mini-turret accuracy increased: touch 0.7 -> 0.77, short 0.64 -> 0.7, medium 0.41 -> 0.45, long 0.22 -> 0.24.
Autocannon damage increased from 25 to 27.
Autocannon accuracy increased: touch 0.25 -> 0.28, short 0.65 -> 0.72, medium 0.6 -> 0.66, long 0.45 -> 0.5.
Uranium slug turret damage increased from 50 to 55.
Uranium slug turret accuracy increased: touch 0.2 -> 0.22, short 0.3 -> 0.33, medium 0.4 -> 0.44.
Mortar miss radius reduced from 10 to 9 (when playing without classic mortars active).
The accuracy of mortars is now related to a pawn's shooting skill. Skill level 8 makes it the same as before. Higher skill will make the mortar more accurate, while lower skill will make it less accurate.
Turret ammo cost is no longer factored by difficulty.
Reduced uranium slug turret cost per shot from 3 uranium to 2.666.
Combat - Enemies
Reduced termite mech's thump cannon range from 25.9 to 24.9.
Added a way to make special per-faction raid strategy probabilities.
Adjusted mechanoid raid strategy probabilities so that late game they use breachers about 33% of the time instead of 90% of the time.
Breachers no longer want to attack passable player buildings. They only target impassable buildings like walls.
Changed termite thump cannon's damage multiplier versus walls from 4x to 2x (so their damage versus walls dropped from 540 to 270). It now requires 2 shots from a termite to destroy a 300hp steel wall.
Changed breaching axe's damage multiplier versus walls from 1 to 0.75 (so their damage versus walls drops from 75 to ~56).